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Apple’s latest flagship phone, the iPhone 13, is ready to jump into the 5G future with advanced features and capabilities. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Pro lineups include more 5G bands, resulting in wider coverage and improved performance. By 2021, the iPhone will be supported by 200 carrier networks around the world. 5G will enable users to enjoy faster download speeds and higher-quality video streaming. With 5G support, iPhone owners can also look forward to competitive multiplayer gaming and faster download speeds.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Max are available with a $1,000 rebate from Metro by T-Mobile. To avail this offer, you must be a current customer of the company. You can also trade-in an eligible iPhone with an installment plan of 36 months. You can trade-in a working smartphone that is from the iPhone 11 and 12 lines, Samsung Galaxy S20, Note 20, LG Wing, Google Pixel 5, or OnePlus 8 models. iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 lineup is available in four color options: graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue. You can choose your preferred model by picking from the four available colors. Apple’s official ship date for iPhone 13 models is Friday, September 24. You can purchase them online or from an Apple retail store. Depending on where you live, you may have to wait a few weeks to receive them. But don’t worry, there are still several places you can purchase the iPhone 13 Max, with a few discounts and promotions.

When it comes to storage space, the iPhone 13 Pro is packed with plenty of options. It comes with a 128GB storage capacity, but you can opt for up to 512GB and even 1TB of storage space. But this is only for those who shoot a lot of video. For most users, 128GB is enough. And the iPhone 13 Pro is 5G ready, so you can take advantage of it when available. But be aware that it doesn’t support all bands at the moment.

The screen on the iPhone 13 Pro is capable of varying refresh rates, from 10Hz to 120Hz. The screen’s dynamic range is wide and Apple has implemented Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide panel, which we first saw on Samsung phones. This technology allows for wider dynamic range, but also lower power consumption. While this might not seem like a big deal, it is worth mentioning. If you are a serious movie maker, you’ll want to purchase more professional kit.

Apple’s new iPhone also has an improved camera. It boasts a 12-megapixel f/2.2 camera with FaceTime support and a 12-megapixel f/2.2 camera for video. The rear camera supports many features, including ProRes, Cinematic Mode, and Photographic Styles. This allows you to take great-looking photos of small objects. One minor criticism is that the iPhone 13 Pro’s selfie camera performs poorly indoors. In low light, it has noticeable grain and starts to smudge.

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